About Us

Y. D. Barzani is a veteran family business that has operated in the construction industry since 1991.
The company, under the ownership of Dayan Bar and Yossi Baron, specializes in residential construction and in infrastructure, and has completed many projects with great success.
The vision that has guided the company since its inception combines high-standard construction, uncompromising quality, and compliance with timetables – values that are manifested in all the projects that the company has thus far executed.
The company is profitable, with a high level of financial stability and equity that finances the various projects. Construction of residential apartments is done with bank guidance and guarantees to protect the buyers’ money.
In the field of housing, the company has built and continues to build hundreds of housing units in Jerusalem, Mevaseret Tzion, Bet Shemesh, Kiryat Anavim, Neve Ilan, Kibbutz Dovrat, and other locations. The completed projects have been successfully marketed to the great satisfaction of the residents.
In the field of infrastructure, the company has carried out neighborhood development projects, road paving for the Ministry of Housing; construction of bridges and interchanges for the National Roads Authority (Netivei Israel), track building for Israel Railways, and dozens of other projects for local authorities, municipal corporations, and the Hativa Le-Hityashvut in all regions of Israel.
The company holds high-level contractor security clearance from the Ministry of Construction and Housing in all fields in which it operates.


picture from Jafo street in Jerusalem